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Chain Harrows

 Professional 8ft (2x4ft) Double Depth Harrow
with heavy duty draw bar and 13mm diameter tines  

 Semi-Professional 4ft Single Depth Harrow
with heavy duty draw bar and 13mm diameter tines

 Heavy Duty Draw Bar only

 Extra 4ft Depth Mat

Mat Width

4ft wide      £175.00      48kg                           £309.00     82kg                            £130.00         £67.00 14kg

6ft wide      £277.00      73kg                           £462.00     124kg                          £195.00         £117.00 22kg

Widths of 8ft - 20ft are available in multiples of 4ft and 6ft wide mats. This makes the mats easier to handle and attach the mats to the draw bar. If you prefer a complete single mat or specific multiple widths please let us know.

E.g. A 12ft wide Semi Professional 4ft Single Depth Chain Harrow will be supplied in 3 x 4ft wide mats, if you prefer 2 x 6ft wide mats or 1 x 12ft mat, please indicate when ordering.  

8ft wide      £360.00      95kg                           £611.00     163kg                          £260.00         £116.00 22kg

10ft wide    £443.00      121kg                         £753.00     206kg                          £325.00         £140.00 36kg

12ft wide    £517.00      146kg                         £885.00     248kg                          £390.00         £158.00 44kg

14ft wide    £616.00      169kg                         £1046.00   288kg                          £455.00         £198.00 50kg

16ft wide    £703.00      190kg                         £1194.00   326kg                          £520.00         £225.00 54kg

18ft wide    £800.00      216kg                         £1356.00   369kg                          £585.00         £260.00 63kg

20ft wide    £898.00      242kg                         £1518.00   412kg                          £650.00         £294.00 72kg

13mm Heavy Duty Tines

All our chain harrows have heavy duty 13mm diameter tines with a length of 90mm. We feel anything less is not heavy enough to make an impression on the land.

Our heavy duty tines are manufactured from a 13mm diameter round bar rather than a more common and weaker 10mm / 11mm diameter bar.

13mm Heavy Duty Tines 3-way Pulling Action

3-way Pulling Action

All our harrows also have a three way pulling action and this means you can choose the best harrowing option - passive, aggressive or upside down - to suit your ground conditions.

Heavy Duty Trailed Chain Harrow Draw Bars

Our trailed chain harrows are supplied with heavy duty draw bars measuring 60mm diameter by 5mm thickness. Other manufacturers often use 40mm x 3mm draw bars.

Heavy Duty Trailed Chain Harrow Draw Bars